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What is your story?

I was given nunchucks from my father around 10/11 years old. Didn't really spin them with purpose until about 16. When I was 19 /20/21, I would try to find every way I could to swing them, switches, holds, etc. I spent hours a day every single day, nobody around. I found the best chucks, my go to pairs, were the cheap wooden string tied, especially for strengthening muscles and more importantly BONES. I had an open full concrete basement with a heavy bag and some other junk. The freedom it gave me was phenomenal. However, I came at this from a strikers view, not a performers. I never even considered a throw nor something super fancy nor anything that left you vulnerable to dropping them. They became a part of me; Literally I tattooed them on my side haha. I went to my first festival, and was introduced to something called FLOW ARTS. Mind Blown. I picked up the chucks again with purpose, with hopes of creating a catalog of moves to be able to teach people this. Then I found Ken Hill and Flow Tricks! Mind Blown. After overwhelming myself with so many new moves I came across chain whip, and figured I'd take a break from chucks, or at least it'd give me variety. Then I found Frank Hatsis. Mind Blown, again. Rope Dart, now working on, I am, (in my Yoda voice). After completing my nunchaku mastery, single and double, I wanted to learn 3 section staff next. That just took a back seat to rope dart. Ninja Bacon is here, and I WILL MASTER ALL FLEXIBLE WEAPONS! #trueninja #flowtricks #dartlife #thankyou

Tell us three (3) of your strengths

Nunchucking (specifically control), I'm a fast learner, I always try to respect people for what they believe in

What are some of your greatest challenges/weaknesses?

Challenges? Enlightenment, and feeling AWAKENED in a room full of SLEEPING people, with only a sealed window where I see everyone AWAKE and PLAYING. Weaknesses? EGO

How do you see yourself?
Props / Arts Performed:

Nunchaku, Chain Whip, Rope Dart

Where do you want to take your flow?

To utilize the current skills I possess and combine them with showmanship. Once comfortable, performances and fire spinning. I want to do this Full-Time, and willing to make any necessary sacrifices to get there.

When is your Spinniversary?