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  • Holy shit this is wierd! Been half a year since I’ve used a social media site, barring YouTube of course. Looks like a round of clicking things to see what happens is in order. Thought I’d share a little 3 section chux from last year. Definitely a long way from being good with these. I’m looking forward to picking them up again this summer.

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    Found a Capoeira class

    Really excited and nervous because I decided to take on more martial arts. Mostly I am just interested in fun and flow so the acrobatic playful movements of Capoeira sound not just fun but ideal for me. I want…

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    • It’s totally normal to be nervous, but I can only say one thing about that: go for it!

      I understand you can be afraid because of your age, but life is too short to let a good opportunity fly away. If it’s too hard, you can stop, but at least you try, and I bet you’ll learn something in the process.

      Capoiera looks very fun, I never try because it’s too far for me to take class, but I saw some demo, and it looks very fun.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks for the encouragement Othy! It was a great class and I really enjoyed it and the people there where very friendly and helpful

    • That’s awesome! I trained in capoeira for abour two years, and I loved it! The only reason I stopped was because of money and distance, but I will definitely go back and get deep into it.
      They’re a super supportive and enthusiastic community, and the environment is really joyous and playful, so you’ll know if you’re getting the real deal if you feel pretty accepted quite quickly. It’s a very community-oriented martial art, and you feel like you’ve known everyone for a while within your first weeks. I’ve done taekwondo my entire life, but I could say without a doubt that capoeira is my favorite.
      You might feel really stiff in the beginning. It’s a very “noodly” martial art in comparison to most eastern martial arts which have hardstyle moves, and it’s hard as a taekwondo practitioner to loosen your posture. But once you learn the language a bit (and you’ll learn some Brazilian Portuguese in the process too), you’ll be nice and bendy. I recommend taking their warm-up exercises home and training daily, even if just a bit. It’s kind of like nunchaku, how you must really live within the art if you want to be quite accomplished.
      You’ll get your money’s worth!

      • Also, as far as it goes with your bodily movements, technique is key. Even as a youngster myself, I found that I used strength instead of technique to get through difficult moves, and even with my active self, that takes a much further strain than using correct technique in the beginning. So take it nice and slow, and listen carefully to the key points so you don’t have to rely on brute strength and stiffening, and therefore, injury that results from that.

        • I’m happy you have experience in it and give it such high regard! I actually have a tiny bit of prior experience but it was almost 20 years ago. My kung fu school had a once a week summer class and I loved it but couldnt find anywhere to continue learning it at the time. I really agree with you about technique over strength for learning, it is my approach to most physical abilities, I can do handstands and handplant kicks, meia lua’s and aramadas etc but my basic jinga is terrible now and my timing and slow control is almost non existent. I can currently only do moves through technique. My strength really needs to be improved to truely progress correctly and keep others safe when practicing with a partner. I can kick high and smooth but am not able to pull it back or stop in a situation where someone can’t duck or move out of the way. I was worried it had been too long since I practiced and would make a fool of myself or even worse get hurt but it went well and I met some great people. I signed up for unlimited class access and (if/when I have time) can get in up to 6 hours a week of the class enviroment. I will definitely be taking your advice to practice at home as well 🙂

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