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  • flowmagus

    2 months, 2 weeks ago
    And of course my post does not show.
    • … But apparently this one does. It’s been more than two years AND YET one cannot smoothly share links on this site. So let’s try this shit again. Tenth time’s a charm, right?

    • And here’s my colorful commentary that went with it:

      SO, I’m here at the behest of some spam messages. I might as well tidy up my profile while I’m at it. And I did so while waiting to see whether my post would go through. It did not. Nor did the second or third one for fucks sake! Who knows, maybe several iterations of this message will pop up later on and you’ll be able to see firsthand that I prefer an off-the-top-of-my-head, genuine thought process as opposed to a pretty, edited, PC communication. Though, if you’ve watched my videos you’d already know that. ANYway, the video I shared is another martial artist’s take on what I’ve been saying for years: Adding martial arts to the nunchaku isn’t about beating the shit out of people, but rather as a training tool to hone other skills outside of the use of weapons. Gasp! Hand speed, coordination, body conditioning… nah, clearly people think it’s about being a badass which honestly says more about them than anything. “What I detest most are dishonest people who talk more than they are capable of doing and also people who use false humility as a means to cover their obnoxious inadequacy.” — Bruce Lee

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