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    • Owch dude! That’s a sick mark. But I believe that even hitting yourself is an essential part of training and learning – you definitely know what not to do, but only when you hit yourself do you completely understand what not to do and why, or how to do it instead. Some of the most valuable things I’ve learned (obviously safety-wise) are only found out this way, (un)fortunately!
      5 hours a day is crazy dude! I tout at least 5 minutes a day to my students, and I personally on average clock in 5min to an hour a day. But that is absolutely wild my man. You will see progress like nothing before! I’m excited personally to see how quickly it happens!
      You are what I would call way beyond advanced at handrolls and spatial awareness of nunchucks. You definitely display a feeling for the chucks as a true extension of your body. I have total faith that you could do everything blindfolded without a change (although of course it would feel different and somewhat scary no doubt, don’t be reckless haha). I absolutely believe it.
      Your throws are wonderful and fluid, and your movement is meeting the tempo. At this point, I’d say you are ready to take nunchaku in literally any direction you want. You display a good ability for flow, rigidity, straight-up tricks, dual-wielding, aerials, and most importantly: POTENTIAL.
      I’m not saying that you mastered the basics. It’s more than that. I’m saying you’re treading into advanced territory at this point, and your foundation is rock solid. Steel solid, in fact. What I recommend is to hunger for more. I was stuck at a single place for a decade because I didn’t look up from where I was, I thought I about learned it all, save for a few stylistic things.
      Dang, I wrote a ton already, but it’s mostly because the rate of your progression is freaking awesome. I’m having some coulda/woulda/shoulda thoughts right now, seeing how far you’ve come already.
      I’ll put a couple of great chuckers out there for you to reference if you’d like. You already know some/all of them, but they have starkly different styles and I think you’ll find your niche (and there’s niches that aren’t listed, by the way).
      Ken Hill, Jason Jadud, Matt Emig, Stephane Oberle, Gabriel Ford.
      They all have similarities and differences, but it’s purely for reference. They’re all crazy pros, but if one element of anything they do stick out to you, pursue that. I only picked them off the top of my head, but there are many more.
      However, the best reference is yourself. You know what you want, you know what your favorite moves are, and what style you prefer, ultimately. Never lose that, especially when you look at others. Over all your progress, maximize whatever it is that makes you YOU.
      Jeez I’m just excited! You look good man. Show us more of what you got soon!
      We’re all here to help too =)

  • Thanks for the inspiration ! Praticing this over the last two weeks has opened up new juggles for me.

  • bronson commented on the post, January progress, on the site Flowtricks 3.0

    5 months ago

    Awesome Jay !
    I’m going to grab my nunchaku and practice for another 2 hours today thanks to you 😝

    • Awesome thats very cool man, it makes my day to hear that. I bet you will come up with some great stuff!

  • That roll at the 8 second mark was beautiful ! All of it was fantastic but that roll! I’ve been flirting with that for a while now but can’t seem to find my way. I get like 3 quaters of the roll and some how manage to launch the nunchuka away from myself.

    • Thanks! That move took me years to get. I’d train it like riding a bike: you kind of have to go for it and crash a few times. Be careful to keep your arms extended though or else you’ll knock yourself upside the nose (hopefully not with wood chucks).
      Keeping contact with the string/chain is crucial, but it’s obviously hard to keep up. Go as slow…Read More

  • bronson posted a new activity comment

    5 months, 1 week ago

    It’s so weird how almost instantly muscle memory from 20 years ago kicked in when I grabbed a pair of nunchaku a few months ago.
    Thank you for you kind words and welcome ! I’m really happy you guys are here and how supportive everyone has been 😀

  • bronson posted a new activity comment

    5 months, 1 week ago

    Thank you FireAnt !
    At the point I decided to shoot this video I had been going ham for about 4 hours with intermittent snack and water breaks . The pace was more out of exhaustion and fear that I was more inclined to break my nose😝
    I really need a reality check, as Jay mentioned I’m definitely struggling with identity(Kabuto versus Flow). I’m…Read More

  • bronson posted a new activity comment

    5 months, 1 week ago

    Thank you very much Ken, your compliments mean a lot ! I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone here.

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