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Alex Hudson

What is your story?

Im a oddball horologist that has been doing martial arts sins i could crawl. Ive tried many different arts in my life and the flow arts have by far taken over all my extra time lol. My main studies on the subject is poi and nun chucks but ive been a swordsmen sins 12 and have had a staff close by sins 15 about lol. anything else you would like to know dont hesitate to talk im kinda all over the place nowdays lost mostly in theories.

Tell us three (3) of your strengths

determined, relaxed, and analytical

What are some of your greatest challenges/weaknesses?

my mind wonders and constantly leaves me lost in conversation lol. I have many flaws as does everyone ^_^ such as most of my friends i had have split up leaving me primarily on my own with my martial studies. another horribly flaw about myself would be my memory always one of my greatest hurtles i constantly have to overcome 😛 lol but i love me and wouldn't change any hardships my trials and how i overcome them is what makes up a part of who i am and who i have become.

How do you see yourself?
Props / Arts Performed:

poi,staff,swords,nun-chucks, tonfa, sai, and kama

Where do you want to take your flow?

i would lover to make it a part of my life as more then just a hobby someday you will see me preform in-front of crowds hopefully inspiring more amazing arts

What are your goals to accomplish by the end of 2018?

i want to have more antibrids in poi down as well as more tosses with nun-chucks. ive been heavy into taekwondo so i would lover to advance into some more diverse kicks and to enter them into my flow.