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    Alex Hudson

    4 years, 3 months ago

    trying out a few new stuff honestly not the best vid but the rest ended up being upside down o_O lmao sooner or latter ill put together one with more patterns and antibrids ^_^ piece peps 😛 #FTDEMO

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    • Dude this is awesome!

      • Th man 🤘😊 ya this was only the 2nd day of chucks and poi so I’ll probably post a few vids once I get some more of the flower timings down 😁 hope your flows been going well🍀

        • Please do! That’s awesome man!

          • Of course men 😊 I recently found a lot of amazing stall flower transfers during my last beach escapade lol 😁 did a cap transfer with a stall up and down that was cool was kinda thinking 🤔 cap stall front to front to a chain unwinder cap transfer but who knows lol lots of ideas 🎭😊🤘 hope your flows been good sir ken 😉🍀