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Passion and reality: When the two clash

My mother (God rest her soul) used to watch a show called “Desperate Housewives”.  LOL!  Yeah, I know, but it’s mom right?  Anyway, I never really watched the show.  But I’d be doing homework or playing video games in the background, so I’d hear most of what was going on.  But one of the episodes...
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Nov 25 2023



Jan 29 2022

It begins.

I am a relatively newbie at nunchucks but I love them, it is a passion. I’ve been asked to join the demonstration team to do a quick 30 second demo at our other martial arts club. I practice a lot and know some basic tricks, that make me look like I know a lot more...

May 25 2020


The best thing in this world is watching someone embrace their flow

May 25 2020

Struggling with dragonstaff


Apr 20 2020

i am a donor from now on!

i am very happy!

Apr 15 2019

Double Nunchaku


Mar 8 2019



Mar 1 2019

Ideas for Innovating New Tricks

I’ve really been playing at trying to invent new moves lately, and I’ve had several breakthroughs in pretty quick bursts. I thought I’d share my ideas for when you may try to innovate, or even try to learn a move that’s already out there. This is just one way of thinking. I don’t intend to...

Jan 23 2019

Found a Capoeira class

Really excited and nervous because I decided to take on more martial arts. Mostly I am just interested in fun and flow so the acrobatic playful movements of Capoeira sound not just fun but ideal for me. I want to also get into some trick kicking and have a kicking target pole to use at...

Jan 18 2019

January progress

I embedded a video with examples and variations of what I'm working on, its rough and compiled from lots of different practice sessions but hopefully shows the ideas

Jan 2 2019


Really excited for this year! I am going to participate in the Golden Combo online tournament and in my opinion there is no way I have any shot at actually winning but If I work hard I might be able to make it past qualification so that is my goal. I’m very happy to have...

Dec 28 2018

2018 Recap

Aprox 6 months of active spinning, started with 10 to 30 minutes a few times a week and now its 1-2 hrs everyday minus a occasional recovery day if I’m really tired or injured. Purchased several new chucks that I prefer to use most the time but also made around 30 pairs of chucks to...

Dec 20 2018

Some moves I’ve been working at


Dec 16 2018

Mid December- reflecting on perspectives and philosophy

My perspective evolves and changes as time passes. I think when I started I felt spinning chucks was something to accomplish instead of something to do and thinking that way had alot of negativity that came with it. I was very concerned with being “good” at it which meant a lot of comparing to others...

Dec 4 2018



Nov 29 2018

My Progression In Fall ’18


Nov 23 2018

Nunchuck November week 3 completed/general thoughts and plans for week 4

Basic goal was to try and learn new things but- ” what classifies as new and what about working on things you really care about?” is the trouble I ran into so I decided on exact challenge criteria to go by- 1) Something I haven’t tried before 2) Something I have tried but have a...

Nov 14 2018

November Nunchucks Week 2 almost complete 🙂

https://youtu.be/wMpfznlAVRI (tried to embed the video but it kept stalling out when submitted the post) Day 1- Downward finger roll- Finger roll at the lowest point of a vertical arc. This was a move I had wanted to do for a long time yet never felt confident enough to try and practice but after all...

Nov 10 2018

November Nunchucks quick update

I have been crazy busy the last few weeks, I started a second job and have had several long days where I ended up so sore and tired that I was slightly concerned I might pull or strain a muscle from spinning the chucks too aggressively so carefully paced myself and picked easier moves on...

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