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Without your donations, we'd lose 80-90% of our momentum. Here's what it will support...

Official Post from Ken Hill: Today's lesson is a simple...


  • Higher quality videos - Better recording equipment.
  • More videos per week - More time to commit to teaching.
  • More instructors to teach a wide expanse of styles and give you versatility and flexibility in your learning.
Official Post from Ken Hill: In case you were wondering...


  • Website/Domain fees
  • Program features / yearly fees
  • More games to challenge you to train
  • Better giveaways
  • Online helpers

Mobile App

  • Mobile app production
  • Monthly fees for the company
  • iTunes/Google Play yearly fees

There are two ways to join Flowtricks.

This was our original way of support.

Pros: Access all of the "Patreon Exclusive" content easily.  The Patreon website will still have some exclusive posts, especially with regards to my background.  As the website takes over the technical side of exclusive content, Patreon will become more "behind the scenes" posts.

Cons: Website access has to be manually granted or, for immediate access, you can follow the steps after you've joined Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/access-350-posts-19242957

(New) Version 2: Donate on the Website

Pros: Gain immediate access to the exclusive website capabilities and content.  Patreon no longer take a cut as the "middleman"

Cons: No cons!  We basically just cut out Patreon and keep everyone on the Flowtricks.net website instead of split between two worlds.

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