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Tell Us About Your Event

Where will it be?  What is the theme?  What do you envision for your event already?  What kind of audiences will be there?

Unsure What You'd Like to Have?

If you're ever uncertain about what you would like, just let us know a general idea of what you're looking for and we will create it for you! 

What Would You Like... Stage, Ambient or Both?

Stage Shows: If you've ever had the audience sit down and watch a show, then it's a stage performance. Stage shows include the best material in which the performers have spent several years honing.  These are often choreographed pieces meant to completely immerse the audience.  Stage sets often run anywhere between 5-20 minutes, depending on the needs of the event and the amount of performers hired.

Ambient Shows:  While the performer takes all the attention in a stage set, ambient performers focus on creating and enhancing the atmosphere for your event.  Fire breathers that blow a plume when people open the doors.  Aerialists that are hanging next to a DJ booth while the crowd is dancing.  Jugglers that are in the hallway while a crowd traverses between two rooms.  The performances are meant to enhance the atmosphere.  Generally, an ambient show is around 40 minutes but it can vary greatly.

Budgeting For a Show

If you have a general idea for the entertainment budget of your event, letting us know can help us decide the best combination of performers and acts for your event.

Not all acts are created equal.  Let's say we're in a room with two performers of the same art.  One could make the crowd clap.  The other could create the crowd roar with excitement and give a standing ovation!  The difference is the charisma, experience, skill and act quality of each performer.  Flowtricks generally goes for the artists that make the crowd roar but we also have lower tiered performers for those on a budget.

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