• #FTDEMO got a chance to head outside and do a bit of poi 🙂

  • trying out a few new stuff honestly not the best vid but the rest ended up being upside down o_O lmao sooner or latter ill put together one with more patterns and antibrids ^_^ piece peps 😛 #FTDEMO

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    • Dude this is awesome!

      • Th man 🤘😊 ya this was only the 2nd day of chucks and poi so I’ll probably post a few vids once I get some more of the flower timings down 😁 hope your flows been going well🍀

        • Please do! That’s awesome man!

          • Of course men 😊 I recently found a lot of amazing stall flower transfers during my last beach escapade lol 😁 did a cap transfer with a stall up and down that was cool was kinda thinking 🤔 cap stall front to front to a chain unwinder cap transfer but who knows lol lots of ideas 🎭😊🤘 hope your flows been good sir ken…[Read more]

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  • #rock on #ftdemo

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  • #FTDEMO just me messing around with my flow chuck i know no music but the funny thing is the only computer i have is at my work so no program to change that with 😛 sooner or latter 🙂

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  • “escape the fate hate me” there an amazing band. Honestly i would still think of myself as a beginner poi artist. Still have alot more to learn. Always improving every day. #FTDEMO

    • That was great man! And I know the feeling. It’s like that with all props I think! The deeper you go, the deeper it gets. You have a great style to be honest. I’ve never been fascinated with the overly technical stuff, I just like really cool patterns, especially with glow! Great job man!

    • ty man your absolutely amazing yourself 🙂 it does seem to always get deeper lol it always expanding and is such an amazing art form. I was part of the xma movement back in the day but never really was any good compared to the greats. sadly all my friends kept with hand to hand and didnt really expand into weaponry much. so ive been on my own most…[Read more]

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