It begins.

I am a relatively newbie at nunchucks but I love them, it is a passion. I’ve been asked to join the demonstration team to do a quick 30 second demo at our other martial arts club.

I practice a lot and know some basic tricks, that make me look like I know a lot more then I actually do.

I am using very basic black and gold dragon foam over plastic. (The cheap ones you see everywhere online.)

I will want to buy better nunchucks for dedicated performance use, any suggestions? (Can’t be to expensive)

Does anyone have suggestions for tricks I can learn to incorporate? I am new to flow tricks but learn pretty quick.

So it begins with this being my first public step
– Invisableforce

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  1. hi! My name is Grady. Piease 4 give me as being a young OG On-Line and I sometimes just dont seem 2 see eye to I. To get this far, was a hassle, but I’m here , and this IS your ”LUCKY Moment, Why? Because with a Half Century of Spinning, twirling, flipping, and flailing, one thing that is a total and complete destroyer of the whole Martial Arts System is $$$. Or should it be said GREED for $$$. So Sad… Anything you want to know about what we call Spinners, The right answer to any ? Is here 4 U 4 free. Because everybody has their own UNIQUE individual style my personal feelings, replies, and comments may conflict with other Masters of this genre. This subject is too profoundly formidable to not want to be a part of such a fun way of exptessing talents otherwise would be lost unto each individual 4ever. Since 1972 My personal Sensei, Teacher, and Hero, in the unexpected wink of an eye, was taken from me, my Mom was also stolen from my heart a year earlier due to lung cancer, caused by her cigarette habit. But thats the reason a half century of practice will always remain in my resume. Even at the young age of twelve, being second best has never been an option, however if a teacher tutor or someone to practice with would have been a great improvement in my personal style by at least 50% maybe, So please contact me via email and who knows maybe we CAN improve the World by inspiring others to inspire others. I cannot do it alone, today is your lucky day but only if you care to learn. Grady’s gone…. :TTYL