Flowtricks Remodeling – Please Read

Behind the scenes, I've been updating the Patreon page and the flowtricks.net website.  You may or may not have noticed these differences, but I'd like to talk about the changes I am implementing!  

Flowtricks.net website

Long overdue - I spent the last couple of days revamping the website.  This doesn't affect Patreon donors but may affect direct website donors.  This is a one time issue where your subscription may have canceled out.   I apologize as the website was near broken and I updated a ton of back end things to get it back to working well.  Please message me (kenhillfire@gmail.com) if you have any issues with with your subscription - but the likely need would be to resubmit the membership.

- The social media aspect has been reimplemented.  Everyone has their own profile, flow journal, wall and can join flowtricks groups again.
- The public posts have been removed.  If you'd like to submit tutorials for the page, let me know and we can talk about access.  Otherwise, I'm going to keep the repository of posts mostly towards lessons.

Patreon Donors on Flowtricks Website-

You may not know about this gem - but the flowtricks.net website has all of my Youtube videos categorized.  You can access this by going to this URL and tapping the "Filter" button on the left.  From there, you can sift through hundreds of videos by category - and easily find what you're looking for.


This was meant for donors - so many of these are locked down.  Patreon doesn't have an easy way to communicate with my website, so I've created a new system in place.  Once a month, I will supply a code that will give you full access to the website catalog.   It expires in a month, so I'll give you a new code each month.  The next post will be an exclusive post for FT4L donors+ and it will have this months code.

Zoom Classes:

You might already know that I'm offering 1 on 1 as well as group classes.  I'm looking into starting another tier of zoom for $8+ donors.  This would be a once a month jam session, we we spin, chat, relax, goof around on zoom - live streamed on the Youtube page as well.  I'm looking into the possibilities here.  The focus wouldn't be on lessons as much as just jamming out.  I might have music playing or have some fun contests we could play live.   I'm still working out the details.


This is moving along slowly.  In the next few weeks,  I'm hoping to start releasing videos for FT4L+ members that feature the encyclopedia footage as it's being made.  More to come.

New Tiers-

- All Patreon tiers have been updated for clarity purposes.  

- Group lessons on Protricks - Every Sunday (occasionally Thursdays) we will have a 1 hour zoom lesson for Protricks members.  

- Private lessons - I am also offering 1 on 1 private lessons.  I'll be purchasing the zoom membership so we can extend beyond 45 minutes.  I'll also record the session so you can download the video at your leisure.  We will also take notes that will be shared on a google doc.  Check the tiers for more details.

Thank you!

Some of you have been with me for a decade now.  I really want to thank you all.  It's been an honor to serve and help with this.  While being out of commission for almost a month due to my abdomen issue, I began to look at Flowtricks with a new set of eyes.  I've been thinking about how to make things even better.  Little steps here and there is what I see.  

As with everything, I know that you try a lot of things.  Some things work, many things don't.  But you keep going with what works and keep trying new things.  Very much like spinning.

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Ken Hill

Owner of Flowtricks. I love spinning!


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