Patience, Persistence, Passion

Patience, persistence and passion.  Don't say that with a mouth full of food but it's three things to live by.  

 Patience – everything and everyone has their own cycle – and it might  not match with yours so don't push it against its own rhythms.  Instead  learn to adapt and move with it – and you'll see evolution at a much  quicker pace.  This can be anything, from building your business, to  loving someone or understanding your teenager.

Persistence – Knowing what you want and making  it a habit are two totally different things.  I've found that with most  things, after the honeymoon phase of learning something new, you then  get to see how useful it is in your life.  People live for that initial  excitement, and that's great, but I live to see what is left after that  fire has burned.  Metaphorically, fire is a dynamic and beautiful  display, but it's the embers that we carry with us.

 Passion – In my mind, the things we are passionate about create the  most color in our lives.  Sometimes, passion in a performance is the  difference between seeing someone create a mathematical style show and  one that feels like a living, breathing emotional journey.

 Passion can be cultivated and expressed through habits, but the strength  of passion itself also has its own dynamic.  Bring more time to notice  things, to be aware, to empathize, to connect with other people or  things.  Connect all those little pieces together and appreciate the  mystery of things while you unravel what you can.  In that, you will  also learn a great deal about yourself.

How does this relate to training?

Patience –  Try not to rush against your own speed and method of learning.  That's not to say that there aren't shortcuts to learning more quickly, but don't fret if you're not advancing as quickly as you'd like.  When I studied cyr wheel, it took me 6 months to really get a hold of the first move, the waltz.  Some people nailed it in a couple weeks.  I learned much more slowly.  But that's ok.  I can now do shows with the cyr wheel.  It took me longer to get there – but you can also make it if you just remain patient.  In a regular "nonspinning" world example, patience is the ability to keep your expectations in check.  Sometimes things will go the way that you want it, but the timeline that you created for it is not in sync at all.  A little patience will fix that up!

Persistence – It's easy to give up when things don't look like they are working.  Say you're learning a difficult technique but can't nail it.  Sometimes a break is great.  Go ahead and take a break from that technique, but don't stop training.  The trick to learning difficult things isn't necessarily focusing on all that you need to learn, but focusing on how those needs change you. One of the biggest keys to learning things quickly is to know the next step for what you should be learning.  Before moving forward, make sure that step changes the way you do things.  So don't practice until you know it, practice until you be it.  Until that change happens, stay there!  If you try to learn something that is ten steps ahead, you will struggle hard unecessarily.  In a regular world example, you may not always see where things are leading.  And being okay with can set us up for some of the greatest, most unexpected rewards that life can handle.  So even if you don't know where it's headed, if you love it, do it anyways.  Be persistent about where your inner compass guide you and watch what you will discover.

Passion – The way spinning something feels to you is what gives it value.  Or perhaps it's how it makes other people feel.  Either way, it all leads back to passion.  Why?  Because a computer can make up patterns and rhythms, but a human being can make it mean something.  If you put meaning behind the things you do, and if you make it very intentional, then  you have created something that is one-of-a-kind – and that is the beauty of art, my friends!  In a regular world example, passion will bring an extra edge of awareness and willpower that can push you through times that may seem impossible.  With passion, we raise our sensitivity and care for things, and it will allow us to see and create value in things we couldn't otherwise.

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Ken Hill

Owner of Flowtricks. I love spinning!


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