New Chucks Coming

I just can't wait to get all these chucks, so I'm just kind of venting out my excitement here, haha.

Firstly, I've seen an increasing use of the World Nunchaku Organization (WNA) Safety Nunchaku around the web, so I thought I'd try my hand at some of those.
While my Dark Monk Studio Nunchaku are padded, they are quite firm and some new moves are hard to practice without the risk of smacking myself. My other foam chucks are simply too light, a common issue with foams.
I did swing some Safetey Nunchaku briefly, and they are quite light, but heavy enough for good flow, with undeniable protection, so I'm excited to get some. I'm straying from the common and traditional yellow/black coloration seen in the WNA and getting one red/black and one blue/black.

Now what I'm REALLY excited for is my incoming custom redesign of the Dark Monk Studio Nunchaku. I love my current pairs, and they are my favorite chucks for training, and for performing without LEDs or fire.
However, a small issue I have had since I got them was the squishyness of the lower grip portion. It is padded with a thicker and softer foam to protect the spinner and put more weight to the outside, but whenever I grab it (which isn't often, but is required for some movements), it gives a bit too much and gets somewhat slippery.
Chad and Brad at Dark Monk listened to my feedback and tested a new, firmer grip which holds its shape better, and an unintended benefit is a better fit for the fabric which covers it, which I also had gripes about. Also gets rid of the squishy sound!
My other configuration is using their Dragon Rope X instead of the standard technora cord. I wanted to use this tether because it is softer (I've been doing a ton of string manipulation techniques and roughing up my fingers), more durable, AND I have the option of choosing a color, which was the main driving factor haha. However, the knots inside the handles will need to be superglued so that it does not fall through the hole and send a handle flying.
The only thing I'm not sure about is how slippery the Dragon Rope X may be. They say it's slick on their page, but I'm holding out hope that string manipulations and finger spins won't slip out of place as I flow with it.

Phew, now I got that out. I had to tell somebody, because the wait for the new chucks is killing me.

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Devin A

4th Degree Black Belt in TKD. Practiced 16yrs, taught for 6. Dabbled in Capoeira and Kobudo. Majored in weapons and acrobatics. Nunchucks and Bo Staff are my faves.


  1. That’s exciting and I can’t wait to see what you do with them! I’ve played with those chucks before – they are super light but also quite firm.

    And that’s interesting about the Dark Monk chucks too! I know he had mentioned to me about a firmer end. I personally like the soft end as it makes it easy for me to glide out to middle/low grips mid swing but I can totally understand where you’re coming from too. It has its own unique character!

    1. Good to know about the Safety Nunchaku!
      Yes, I believe Chad said he would test a pair with you as well, and I’m curious to know what you’d think of them. I definitely do like them now that I have them, but there is quite a stark difference in the feeling. It is a little less grippy in the lower portion, but it’s not bad, just different. And while it’s still padded, it is considerably harder. I’d say that they’re a bit more like wood chucks at this point, but still obviously more forgiving when it comes to being hit of course. I like them though, and that’s exactly what I wanted.
      I did yellow silicone with blue Dragon Rope X, and I thought those colors would be bright and popping together. However, they missed the Dragon Rope when they made it, which I let them know, but either way when that’s resolved I think they’ll look great, as they already do.
      I didn’t want to go yellow as much because many people with Dark Monk Studio Nunchaku tend to have yellow (such as you!) and I wanted more individuality. I usually with my past studio chucks and other weapons have red in the right and blue in the left. The problem is that the other colors just aren’t as obvious and when I see you swing the yellows, the trails are just so good. But the blue rope should help.
      Although I only realize now that red chucks with a blue cord and blue chucks with a red cord may have been pretty sharp enough to detract from the subdued hues. Or red/red and blue/blue. D’oh!

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