Ideas for Innovating New Tricks

I’ve really been playing at trying to invent new moves lately, and I’ve had several breakthroughs in pretty quick bursts. I thought I’d share my ideas for when you may try to innovate, or even try to learn a move that’s already out there.
This is just one way of thinking. I don’t intend to put it up on a pedestal, as other types of thinkers and learners may not find this effective at all, but instead more restrictive. So be careful and keep an open mind.

I have several ways to go about it, but the one I want to focus on is mixing two moves together. This, and trying to put a different theme of motion on an existing move.

Take for example, the Sideways Figure 8
Literal Definition: It is one horizontal spin above your arm, followed by one horizontal spin below your arm. Can be performed inward to outward, or outward to inward.
Alternative Definition: Taking a foward or backward Figure 8 and tilting the overall spin onto its side.

Not so revolutionary of a thought, but what this is is just a simple direction change of an existing simple movement. That can make a world of difference.

A great example is Jason Jadud’s Style of Sunwaves
For those unfamiliar with Sunwaves, they are Moonwaves performed with your pointer fingers instead of your thumbs.
I’ve come to notice that while Sunwaves and Moonwaves have a great wide spread for cool visualizations on the wall-plane, Jadud instead tends to perform his Sunwaves AT the camera, or audience. Rather than having the handles swing down towards the ground, they swing FOWARD away from his body. This is the same move, but turned in a different direction.
The move looks less obvious and identifiable now, but it looks quicker and more concise, and most of all, unique. It is nothing less than to be expected of his quick and snappy play.
(big respect to this guy in general. He is a walking example of what I’m trying to get at here, so study him)

Now, it’s More Than Just Turning Moves Onto a Different Axis or Plane
This example is simply mixing two moves completely. But it expands on both of them and makes a crazy cool look.
I like to do an under-the-leg throw to a catch behind the back. I stand in a wide horse-stance, get my right hand for example and throw from behind my right leg to in front over my right leg. My left hand reaches behind my back, and catches the handle as the chuck is over my right leg.
(check my routine video I posted a month back to see it, it’s the very first move)
You could do an under-the-leg throw. You could also do a behind-the-back catch. Or you could do both.

I want to also spotlight Ken Hill for his fantastic use of Rebounds. Bounce off of some part of your body into something else! Hit underside of your leg and throw? Slap other handle into a Finger Spin? Slap it into a handroll? Kick it into a handroll? He does it all!

Top-of-the-Head Ideas
Finger Spin + Throw?
1) Throw to Finger Spin
2) Finger Spin to Throw
3) Finger Spin to Throw to Finger Spin
4) Finger Spin to Throw to other hand Finger Spin (and back too)
Wristroll + Figure 8?
1) Figure 8 with Wrist or Handrolls
2) Syncopated Wristroll to Figure 8
3) Figure 8 with Handrolls, stalled on the wrist for entire duration of Figure 8
Eagle Claw Grip + Sym-X Throw?
1) Eagle Claw to Sym-X Throw
2) Eagle Claw to Sym-X Throw to Eagle Claw
3) Same as 2, but throw to the other hand into Eagle Claw
4) Eagle Claw to Sym-X Throw to Neck Catch
5) Eagle Claw to Sym-X Throw to Knee Bump
6) Same as 5, but catch that behind your back!

This is the kind of stuff I’ve been working at lately, and since it served me well, I thought I’d share it.

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