Flowtricks Weekly Games/Prizes – This Tuesday

Starting this Tuesday, a new section of the Flowtricks website will open up.  It's called "Flowtricks games"

Once a week, we will have new challenges where you can earn points.

Once a week, we will also be giving away a $5 amazon gift certificate in a drawing
Once a month, we will be giving away a $20 amazon gift certificate in a drawing

You can enter in the raffle by earning points.  You can earn points by a) Winning the challenges.  b) Posting amazing/cool engaging content on the website  c)Interacting on the website (some of you already have accumulated some points!)   d) the $8 patreon tier will now give you bonus points as well – so you will be able to go to the website and enter in raffles and drawings.

Soon, I will be contacting vendors and we will have other prize drawings also.  The amount of prizes will roughly be 10% of donations – so as we grow, so will the prizes. 🙂


Longer Background Story:

I guess you could say that this is either the last chapter of the website, or the start of a brand new book for it!  After spending two years(2017-2018), and several hundred hours creating it – I was hoping that the flowtricks website would become a brand new home for the community… Something bigger than Facebook could hope to do.  My dream was that it would become a repository of flow tutorials, ninja tricks, people sharing and writing their flow thoughts, games and more.   Right now, it has every youtube video that I made categorized, groups, your own flow journal, find a spinner in your area, music for flow recommendations, your own facebooklike profile page, meme generators and more!  It didn't catch on unfortunately, and it's been fairly quiet overall.  And that's not anyone to blame, I'm sure it's my bad marketing and it takes time to get used to how it flows!

All in all, I considered much of my website to have been unsuccessful overall and often had second guessed myself on that venture.   When it came time to renew the site this morning (It's $`420 a year – gogeek on siteground), I had to decide if this was the end of the website, or if I should just renew it and give it one more shot.

I've decided to  give the website one last shot.  If it works – then I feel like this could be the start of a beautiful thing.  Having it work just means that there is a new vitality in Flowtricks, that people will join the competitions, we'll get vendors, people start posting and sharing their content, helping others.  I think that would be a wonderful thing.

But if it doesn't, at least I gave it one more shot!  I'll give it an honest effort, and I might need to find some admins to help.  If it doesn't work, then I'll likely not renew it and just focus on making videos and doing gigs.  Either way, I'm okay with it.  Just wanted to give it a shot!  Either way, please be sure to check out the website and wait for games.  🙂

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Ken Hill

Black Belt

Owner of Flowtricks. I love spinning!


    1. True! Either way, it’s worth a shot man. I think that if I had built this website 10 years ago, it would have been different but even myself … I don’t usually visit other websites besides facebook and google haha. Still though, doesn’t hurt to try!

  1. I appreciate all that you have done to help the community Ken! I have noticed that the site was relatively inactive as far as the community goes, but I love what it stands for, and the potential it has to bring so many people together! I’ve always wanted some place more comfortable than freestyle forum – even though I haven’t even used that site much at all – and the Flowtricks site layout is just brilliant. I love the spinner map, and the social media-esque format. It’s a site that any hobby needs! I do think it is a matter of outreach and punlic knowledge, but if within a year we see more people coming around, perhaps we may see a revitalization.
    Off the top of my head (and I have no right to suggest marketing strategy), perhaps a tournament may attract people, especially if they are required to network through this site in order to compete (ex: must create an account and post submission on Flowtricks site, must also qualify by commenting on 3 other competitor’s submissions, etc). Perhaps it could be a subject which would distinguish this site from the rest, like a homemade chucks/new type of chucks invention, doubles only, multi-prop spinning, maybe even a competition for who can make all-new original moves. I’m just kind of spitballing here, but the most I ever see the community come together is when there’s a tournament like on freestyle forum. Understandably though, it does require resources and investment in prizes, infrastructure, and such, but there’s an idea.
    Not qualified to offer direction, but that’s my thought!

    1. Thank you Devin! I do like how up-close-and-personal this site is with the people that post on here. I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible, but with all of the features, I think it can seem a bit complicated and overwhelming at first. But then again, so was Facebook at first.

      I really like your ideas and have also been thinking about…1) giving incentives to post on here. 2) giving incentives to repost what’s posted here on social media so others know it exists. We’re thinking in the same ballpark for sure. I’m just trying to think about the kinds of games we can do! Appreciate your input Devin

  2. I love this, but haven’t dove into it because it’s a website. I think having a resource for all of the tutorials and community is amazing, but we need an app. We need to be able to make the tutorials game-like. Like earning “achievements” and checking off a video once we’ve learned a certain trick or combo. I don’t know if that’s possible to translate the website to an app of sorts, but I’d be much more inclined to use it personally. Just donated to the site and I’m going to make efforts to be more active.

    1. Dude I love that idea. For months, I actually researched app pricing and it was going to run 10,000 to 20,000$! So I spent 6 months building my own app but it got messy and ugly, my skills weren’t good enough. It’s been tough because I totally agree. An app would be a game changer! Right now though, be sure to bookmark or create an icon for the site! I’ll think hard how I can make good stuff happen… It might be a matter of pushing through the lesser stuff until it builds

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