Nunchuck November week 3 completed/general thoughts and plans for week 4

Basic goal was to try and learn new things but- ” what classifies as new and what about working on things you really care about?” is the trouble I ran into so I decided on exact challenge criteria to go by-

1) Something I haven’t tried before

2) Something I have tried but have a 35% or less success rate with (essentially can’t do)

3) Something that was thought up within the last 3-5 days (and still needed work)

I had to make number 3 an option because after all the new concepts I was learning my general abilities went way up and I was thinking up really fun combo’s that I wanted to use for this challenge. I didn’t think it was fair to have to try something new if I had already newish move I was really interested in developing. After coming up with a new idea I would practice it a little bit to make sure I could remember it but then I would try and leave it alone and get back to whatever the challenge of the day was.

I realized I felt it was far more important to look at underlying concepts and technical nuances instead of performing exact tricks. A exact trick comes with closed doors but a trick concept illustrates possibilities.

Sharing the journey and things learned has actually turned out to be harder than the challenge itself. This became a large and very important project for me. I took it seriously and recorded everything I worked at, I organized all the days into folders and have been adding to my edit everyday but even just showing the best attempt of the day for everyday turns into a few minutes of video, trying to show the work that went into learning and the ideas found plus all the variations of ideas would be a very long video. If I had not come up with the idea on short notice and had my criteria established a daily post would have been ideal but hindsight is 20/20 right? and I didn’t want to do it for likes anyway so…. I dunno where I’m really at with sharing it all but I do feel compelled to show what I worked at.

I still have 8 more days to go and haven’t run out of ideas but have gotten down to slim pickings for things I would really like to work at. Here are some of my potential ideas for the next 8 days-

-There was a cool wushu inspired by combo I saw on instagram from David Torok that I want to do or make a variation of

-elbow blast. Stumbled onto the idea yesterday and am looking forward to making decisive combo with it

-something with a pinky spin- I can spin on the pinky but have yet to come up with anything super cool

-something kick related-I have a few kicks already but I want to learn more difficult ones

-A jumping movement

-something with a handplant

-bouncing the chuck off a wall- I have a move for this that I came up with on day 4 so I need to add to it to make it a legit new move of the day

-360 body movement- Tried to make this a goal of the day a few times but kept opting out usually because of environment or clothing issues. (Trying to spin inside or with heavily treaded shoes)

One last thing I need to say is- Holy s@%# has this been a amazing beneficial excerise, it helped me improve massively and in a variety of areas. Its also been fun! Almost addictive to do and if I thought I could actually keep up with it I would not stop at the end of the month but I know it would become overwhelming or tedious if I tried to keep it up much longer. I will definitely make more personal challenges for myself after this I am just not sure what they will be yet

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