November Nunchucks Week 2 almost complete :) (tried to embed the video but it kept stalling out when submitted the post)

Day 1- Downward finger roll-
Finger roll at the lowest point of a vertical arc. This was a move I had wanted to do for a long time
yet never felt confident enough to try and practice but after all the other digit rolls I have worked
on it turned out to be easy when I tried it
Day 2- Infiniwave
I still have a lot of work to do on it but got 50% better and recorded some lucky moments of practicing.
Day 3- U.T.L. Catch, Sym X rebound catch
Definitely got the idea down solid and can do it but am still working at consistency and using
In flow
Day 4- One handed body pass around the waist
For some reason I had always skipped working at this move and it started to bug me that I
couldn’t do it
Day 5- Hand stall rebound
Extremely hard at first then I realized I was letting the chucks drop too far before trying the move,
after that it was really fun to work on.
Day 6- Under elbow catch and arm wrap around combo
I didn’t do this one correctly, mostly due to fatigue. I thought I had done the maneuver many
times until I watched the practice footage and realized I had mangled it up almost everytime
Day 7- Ring & pinky wrap, One handed Multiwave(s)?
Went for a smaller concept because of being worn out from work, decided to work a existing
combo in a different direction/from a different starting point
Day 8- RUT TO BTB Hand change switch with end toss
Put together multiple moves I have been practicing a lot in a new way, was awesome that they
clicked together so well.
Day 9- 7 up
Not sure what this is actually called but I call it a 7up and/or L pop. Wanted something more
offbeat and also easy to work on for the day and lucked into discovering the concept

Day 10- Eagle flight paths?
Eagles are cool but I could already do them so I asked myself how can I make them cooler and
decided to see if I could make them “fly” where I wanted instead of just up

Day 11- Legwork Around the foot kick
Took the morning to work on leg concepts
Day 12- Mirrored double finger rolls to double to double thumb rolls
Super happy about these and honestly was surprised that once I got them done a few times they
didn’t seem that hard anymore
Day 13- Arm cross Double Eagle hand switch
Still stoked off the doubles from yesterday so I decided to try double eagles, super difficult but not
impossible for me with more practice I can get consistent I think
Day 14- Overhead movements while spinning or turning 360

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  1. Day 14- planned on Pirouette related moves but wore the wrong shoes for the task, wore shoes with too much tread and also had a wide base. Instead of pirouette I came up with a Basic stall to double thigh bounce to handroll to digit roll that is really fun to do.

    Day 15- Flowtricks chickenwing combo from Kens 11-11-18 upload

    Day 16- “Sneaky eagle”- downward fingeroll to BTB hand change (but flip the chuck into the ready position for the eagle/sym x while changing hands), eagle, catch in reverse grip, handroll and back into downward finger roll or move of choice

    1. Day 17 -UTL aerial, + btb turning armroll
      Day 18- UTL (Inside out)
      Day 19- Btb toss to wheel
      Day 20- (don’t know the name but its the catch you can pop or slingshot from) with chuckroll afterward

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