Ignis Chucks Replaced and Received!

So after my Ignis Pixel Nunchaku ejected the charging/syncing micro USB port, I had to send them back and wait forever for new ones. It was a tough time, after getting a mindblowing pair of chucks after paying much money and waiting, and only getting a week out of them. But now I have a brand new replacement pair, and I am psyched up again like a child in a candy shop.

I mostly wanted to share my experience with Ignis during this episode, in order to supply knowledge to the prospective buyer:

Issue: Micro USB port fell out of poi handle. This means I can neither charge or program them. This means they're utterly useless once they run out of their existing battery charge.

Addressing Issue: I contacted the Ignis representative who worked with me when I was buying them, and he referred me to their support. I'm not sure who it was I was working with, but they stayed with me through the whole process. They asked me to send my pair back to them, without the accessories.
The very uncertain part for me was filling out a Russian address (they're based in Moscow). I have not so much experience mailing things out that aren't just letters, and the internet had so many different formats for Russian addresses. They asked that I undershoot the value of the poi to the mailing service because otherwise a greater amount would impose some percentage cost to the recipient in this case. This means that if the package was damaged or lost, I wouldn't be reimbursed for the true value of the item, even with the insurance plan. I spent around $50 for the mailing plus basic insurance.
They offered to send me a brand new pair rather than fixing up my chucks, which is wonderful. However, they had forgotten that offer for a moment and I had to remind them about it.
They responded daily, and I really appreciated that. My only issue is the timezone difference, because I would only see their messages when I woke up in the morning, and wait for them to respond to my reply that night. However, their English was fairly good, with like a 5% confusion rate to me.
I had a performance coming up for my taekwondo place, and I wanted these babies to be in it. They respected this and they expressed the new pair over to me. However, it was just two days too late. I was able to fall back on my fire chucks to perform, although I need to be more fluent with those. But either way, three days from Moscow to Denver is pretty generous without passing the cost to me, which may be reimbursement for my initial issue. That's pretty cool.

The New Pair: I only got it tonight, but hey, it works. I inserted the charging cables into them oh so gently now due to my experience, if that even affects it at all. I think that's gonna be a habit for a while, is unnecessarily babying them even though I know they're very durable.

Do I Recommend Ignis?: Well, yeah, even after all this pain. They were friendly to the bone, and they helped me every single step of the way, from questions, to purchasing, to purchasing issues, to more random questions, to how-tos, to the issue, to the return guidance, to the moment I got the new pair. They've been with me every day, and thorough at that. They communicated in a human way while maintaining professional, and their product is nothing short of mindblowing when it is intact. I think I just got a bad roll on the first pair, but after all this, I have faith in what I have bought.

I'll come back and edit this post (if I remember to) at time intervals such as a week (which would beat the previous pair's record), month(s), and year(s) to address the longetivity of this prop, in the name of helping inform those who may be interested!

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Devin A

White Belt

4th Degree Black Belt in TKD. Practiced 16yrs, taught for 6. Dabbled in Capoeira and Kobudo. Majored in weapons and acrobatics. Nunchucks and Bo Staff are my faves.


  1. Man that’s crazy, but I’m glad you have them again! I wanted to make a video and share some of my thoughts about the chucks too. I absolutely love them but have made a couple of modifications. One is adding a little padding on the top and bottom of the chuck. That way, if they drop, the padding takes the force instead of the chuck.

    Another thing I did was shorten the string. By doing both, it added a little more weight so the flow felt a little more comfortable and the string was at the right length!

    Anyways, I’m glad to hear you have them back in your hands! Honestly, with pixels, I never spin them unless I’m doing shows. I have had four different kinds of pixel products from three different companies, and all of them are fragile and break easily. But on the bright side, if you ever decide to perform, you can make a lot more money with pixel performances than fire dancing.

  2. Thanks for the ideas! The foam padding is brilliant, and I’ll give shortening the string a shot, although it fits my hand rolls pretty nicely.
    That’s a great thing to know as far as performing goes, and it makes sense that the pixels would sell better. I’ll keep that all in mind!

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