New Flowtricks Web Features!

  1. 1 Unleash your creativity!

    You'll see these little boxes while browsing and viewing posts. It makes it super easy to always have a link to create your own content.  Don't forget, you can create many things like stories, video posts, memes, personality quizzes and much, much more!  In this post, I'm using the list feature to showcase what's new!

  2. 2 Exclusive Posts are now highlighted!

    Now you can easily find the exclusive content that Patreon Donors or supporters of the website can access.  They will be highlighted and sparkly!  Cool!

  3. 3 Faster!

    Speed is so tough to accomplish because this website is HUGE.  It can do so much more than you realize.  But I've optimized the system with a program that broke another part of the system, which I fixed and I think everything is good now!  Everything is about 15% faster too! Woo!

  4. 4 Member Map is coming back!

    Flowtricks is huge!  Programs were conflicting with programs, causing me to have to turn them off until I dug in deep, spent many hours quashing bugs!  The flowmap had to disappear for some time, but it is fixed and will return shortly.  What is the flow map?

    Anyone that signs up can put their city,state.  You can also search for anyone within 10,20,50,100 miles from you.  So easy to find a flowmie!

  5. 5 Festival/Flow Arts Events/Group Gathering Map is Coming!

    What you are seeing here is something BRAND NEW.  Once I have the form created, we can have users submit their events, fill in the details, and even brand it with their website.  Users can search, and they will see a list, ordered by how far away it is from them!

    What does this mean?  It means, soon, you will easily be able to find members, flow events all in one roof!  But the cool part about this, this is icing on the cake.  I figured websites wouldn't survive with one or two features.  Flowtricks is going to be an online flow retreat in a box so once this really starts going, you're going to see it all come together.

  6. 6 Branding is here

    Do you have your own Flowbiz?  Maybe you have your own website/shop/Youtube channel and you'd like to be a part of Flowtricks.  If we work together, we can now set it up to where your brand appears on the top every single post that you create.  It can have a link directly to your website, image and short description.  (Note: This is only a test snapshot).

  7. 7 AND MORE...

    If you don't know..I'm kind of addicted to this website.  I've spent 2.5 years building it, rebuilding it, tearing it down instead of training... Why?  Because I want the best flow website in the multiverse... I want aliens to visit just to learn nunchucks.  Ok, that might be a bit far but... Down the line we will have games, prizes, challenges and much more!  at least in terms of creating quality support for people learning ninja flow arts.  This website will never be able to replace Facebook, but Facebook can't capture what Flowtricks already has (we're too niche for them to want to try).  

    If you love where this is going, be sure to check out my Patreon.  The support means everything, and I literally have almost 400 posts just for Patreon donors on this website.  

    Be sure to support this effort!  There was a time where I almost had to leave all this behind and go back to a full time job.  Patreon is the lifeblood of so many great things, and I'd love for you to be a part of this movement!  If you're interested in donating prizes for games, please connect with me also!

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