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A Gamified Social Network Site

  • Create a profile, view other profiles
  • Participate daily to earn points
  • Use points to enter in games and win merch!
  • Earn badges and awards for special contributions

A Community

  • Make new friends
  • World map to find spinners and groups nearby.
  • Join groups and chat
  • Find training buddies to keep you motivated
  • A collective resource to share ideas

A Youtube Channel for Ninja Flow Skills

  • Free video lessons each week on Youtube
  • Hundreds of tutorials to get you started
  • A unique style that has been performed all across the United States
  • Instructed by one of the world leaders in the art of fire martial arts performance



"The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play."

-Arnold Toynbee

Flowtricks is made for

Beginners of All Ages

The internet is full of random tutorials.  It's difficult to find a great beginner video and even more difficult to know where to go next once you do find one.  You won't have that problem here.  Our classes focus on teaching the very basics and guiding beginners through many different artistic skills.

Dancers, Martial Artists, Athletes, Creatives

Flowtricks showcases creative weapons and props in a way that compliments artists and athletes that are established in other disciplines.  Almost all previous creative skills can, at some degree, influence and shape this artform to make it uniquely your own!

Spinners and Performers

We've created an entire community and are filling it with games to keep you inspired to train more.  Instructors can contact us about creating new courses, admin groups, write blogs and more!  Take part of the community or help lead it.  It's all here!